SenseiGears | introduction

SENSIGEARS is a dynamic company established in few years ago with highly qualified but professional team, latest technologies and latest machinery. Our mission is to revolutionize combat sports equipment, a goal we tirelessly pursue. With a stellar reputation, we offer a comprehensive selection of boxing, kickboxing, MMA, fitness, and martial arts gear.



SG | CEO Foreword

When SenseiGears started as a small company in 2008, the manufacturing landscape was vastly different, and every employee felt like part of a close-knit family.

Since then, our company has expanded, and manufacturing practices have evolved, but we continue to prioritize fostering a familial atmosphere and honoring the importance of our employees' families.

 We take pride in our reputation for innovation, our embrace of new technologies, and the enduring relationships we've built with many of our customers over the years.

We are enthusiastic about the emergence of new technologies that herald a new era of manufacturing. Our team stands prepared to leverage these innovations to best serve our customers and streamline their processes.


Started in 2008, SenseiGears began as a small company, fostering a familial atmosphere where every employee felt like part of a close-knit family.


Despite expansion and evolving manufacturing practices, SenseiGears continues to prioritize maintaining this familial culture and recognizes the importance of employees' families.


Manufacturing for SenseiGears goes beyond mere production; it's about providing time-saving solutions that address customers' needs.


SenseiGears takes pride in its reputation for innovation, adoption of new technologies, and long-standing relationships with many loyal customers.


SenseiGears is excited about the emergence of new technologies shaping the manufacturing landscape and stands ready to leverage these innovations to better serve customers.


United in a commitment to innovation, SenseiGears remains a tight-knit family, eagerly anticipating the development of the next groundbreaking solution.